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At Noizze we are dedicated to the promotion and exposure of the best of the UK’s Underground, Unsigned and Unheard music scene with a sprinkle in the best of rock and metal thrown in. For more about Noizze please look here. Amongst my duties as Metal Editor for Noizze I also write reviews. All of works personally written by me are archived below. They were all first published on the Noizze website:

Gavin K’s Top 10 Albums of 2017

Grimtone: ‘Memento Mori’ – Album Review

Valdur: ‘Divine Cessation’ – Album Review

Nordheim: ‘RapThor’ – Album Review

Sar Isatum: ‘Shurpu’ – Album Review

Butcher Babies: ‘Lilith’ – Album Review

Ah Ciliz/Chival: ‘Origins’ – Split Album Review

Fleurety: ‘The White Death’ – Album Review

Enslaved: ‘E’ – Album Review

Mork: ‘Eremittens Dal’ – Album Review 

Ensiferum: ‘Two Paths’ – Album Review

Belphegor: ‘Totenritual’ – Album Review

Crafteon: ‘Cosmic Reawakening’ – Album Review

The Hirsch Effekt: ‘The Eskapist’ – Album Review

Vintersorg: ‘Till Fjälls del II’ – Album Review

TechFest 2017: Part 3 – Festival Review

TechFest 2017: Part 2 – Festival Review

TechFest 2017: Part 1 – Festival Review

Decapitated: ‘Anticult’ – Album Review

Igorrr: ‘Savage Sinusoid’ – Album Review

Freakangel: ‘How the Ghost Became’ – Album Review

Entrails: ‘World Inferno’ – Album Review

Harbringer: ‘Human Dust’ – EP Review

Karkaos: ‘Children of the Void’ – Album Review

Triverse Massacre: ‘Hades’ – EP Review

God Dethroned: ‘The World Ablaze’ – Album Review

Cirith Ungol: ‘King of the Dead’ – Album Review

Varg: ‘Götterdämmerung’ – EP Review

Warbringer: ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ – Album Review

Cut Up: ‘Wherever They May Rot’ – Album Review

Children of Bodom, Forever Still and Oni – Live Review

Benighted: ‘Necrobleed’ – Album Review

All Else Fails: ‘The Forever Lie’ – EP Review

Morta Skuld: ‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’ – Album Review

The Great Old Ones: ‘EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy’ – Album Review

Xandria: ‘Theatre of Dimensions’ – Album Review

Memoriam: ‘The Hellfire Demos II’ – EP Review

Sepultura: ‘Machine Messiah’ – Album Review

Dark Messiah: ‘Dark Messiah’ – EP Review

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