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At Noizze we are dedicated to the promotion and exposure of the best of the UK’s Underground, Unsigned and Unheard music scene with a sprinkle in the best of rock and metal thrown in. For more about Noizze please look here. Amongst my duties as Metal Editor for Noizze I also write reviews. All of works personally written by me are archived below. They were all first published on the Noizze website:

Top 10 Albums of the Year 2018

Crevassian: ‘Crevassian’ – EP Review

Sigh: ‘Heir to Despair’ – Album Review

Aborted, Cryptopsy and Ingested at the London Dome – Live Review

Accept: ‘Symphony Terror Live at Wacken 2017’ – Live Album Review

Internal Bleeding: ‘Corrupting Influence’ – Album Review

Anaal Nathrakh: ‘A New Kind of Horror’ – Album Review

Allegiance: ‘Beyond the Black Wave’ – Album Review

Aborted: ‘TerrorVision’ – Album Review

Plague Rider: ‘Rhizome’ – EP Review

Korpiklaani: ‘Kulkija’ – Album Review

Omnium Gatherum: ‘The Burning Cold’ – Album Review

Stillbirth: ‘Annihilation of Mankind’ – Album Review

Unanimated: ‘Annihilation’ – EP Review

Sinaya: ‘Maze of Madness’ – Album Review

Taken by the Tide: ‘Revenge’ – EP Review

TechFest 2018 Live Festival Review Part 1, 2 and 3

Wölfblood: ‘Nightriders’ – EP Review

Immortal: ‘Northern Chaos Gods’ – Album Review

A Scar for the Wicked: ‘The Unholy’ – EP Review

Kormak: ‘Faerenus’ – Album Review

Centauro: ‘Dano Coletoral’ – Album Review

Drowned: ‘7th’ – Album Review

Blood Worship: ‘Death’s Omnipotence’ – EP Review

Gottwut: ‘Konglomerat’ – Album Review

Follow the Cipher: ‘Follow the Cipher’ – Album Review

Wiegedood: ‘De doden hebben het goed III’ – Album Review

Blood of the Wolf: ‘II: Campaign of Extermination’ – Album Review

Rivers of Nihil: ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ – Album Review

The Crown: ‘Cobra Speed Venom’ – Album Review

North Hammer: ‘Stormcaller’ – Album Review

Oceans of Slumber: ‘The Banished Heart’ – Album Review

Affasia: ‘Adrift in Remorse’ – EP Review

Gnaw Their Tongues: ‘Genocidal Majesty’ – Album Review

Terrorborn: ‘Call to Arms’ – EP Review

Ektomorf: ‘Fury’ – Album Review

Hexis: ‘XII’ – EP Review

Lord of Pagathorn: ‘Daimonos Philia’ – Album Review

Watain: ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ – Album Review

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