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At Noizze we are dedicated to the promotion and exposure of the best of the UK’s Underground, Unsigned and Unheard music scene with a sprinkle in the best in rock and metal thrown in. For more about Noizze please look here. Amongst my duties for Noizze I wrote many reviews for Noizze and my position grew to Metal Editor. All of works personally written by me are archived below though, importantly, they were first published on the Noizze website. 2016 also marked an important year for Noizze as the team expands and adapts; it took on a new look and moved to

Thyrane: ‘Black Harmony’ – Demo Review

MTV Headbanger’s Ball Tour: Iced Earth, Ensiferum and Kataklysm – Live Review

Top 10 Albums of 2016

Heart Avail: ‘Heart Avail’ EP Review

Circle of Dust: ‘Machines of Our Disgrace’ Album Review

Before the above the website was using it’s old platform under Blogger at

Perturbator, GoSt and Horskh – Live Review

Soulwound: ‘No Peace’ Album Review

The Ten Last Seconds of Life: ‘The Violent Sound’ Album Review

Equilibrium, Heidevolk and Finsterforst – Live Review

Shadecrown: ‘Agonia’ Album Review

Darkthrone: ‘Artic Thunder’ Album Review

Narthraal: ‘Chainsaw Killing Spree’ EP Review

Rave the Reqviem: ‘The Gospel of Nil’ Album Review

Anaal Nathrakh, Voices and The Infernal Sea – Live Review

The Surrealist: ‘Naked Awareness’ EP Review

Tardive Dyskinesia: ‘Harmonic Confusion’ Album Review

Carcer City: ‘Infinite/Unkown’ Album Review

Wretch: ‘Wretch’ Album Review

Vektrill: ‘Cyborg’ EP Review

Fraktions: ‘Anguish’ EP Review

Tech-Fest 2016 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Zephyra: ‘As the World Collapses’ Album Review

Cattle Decapitation, Ingested and Unfathomable Ruination – Live Review

Underdark: ‘Mourning Cloak’ Demo Review

Stone Free Festival Part 1 and Part 2 Festival Review

Korgonthurus: ‘Vuohen Siunaus’ Album Review

The Shiva Hypothesis: Promo CD Review

For I Am King: ‘Daemons’ Album Review

Harbinger: ‘Paroxysm’ EP Review

Satyricon: ‘Nemesis Divina’ Album Review (Re-Issue)

Griever: ‘Soulsearcher’ EP Review

Fallujah: ‘Dreamless’ Album Review

Tides from the Nebula: ‘Safehaven’ Album Review

Pegasus: ‘Fairy Tale’ EP Review

Unheard Before the Wake: ‘Humanity Burning’ EP Review

From Sorrow to Serenity: ‘Remnant of Humanity’ Album Review

Babymetal Double Review: Live at Wembly Arena and ‘Metal Resistance’ Album Review

Fall of Minerva: ‘Portraits’ Album Review

Cleanse the Hive: ‘From the Depths’ EP Review

Secrets of the Moon, Dodheimsgard, Thulcandra and Our Survival Depends on Us – Live Review

Nycosia: ‘Pariah’ EP Review

Huron: ‘The Dead Stay Dead’ Album Review

Threatpoint: ‘Careful What You Wish For’ Album Review

Denigrata: ‘Missa Defunctorum’ Album Review

Dave Vegas: ‘The Man Who Came From Mars’ Video/Song Review

Megaherz: ‘Edw√§rts’ EP Review

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