About Me: Comprehensive Filmography

Here is the most comprehensive list of film projects that I have been involved with that you could hope to find. The purpose of this list is to give a clear declaration of every project I have worked on and to give a history of my works in film. Each film includes a year as well as being marked in bold as a project responding to briefs for my studies at College and University as well as marking their state of release (Some of these projects never had an official title). Semi-Released projects indicate that the project has been released but not to the general public, which is often for personal reasons; for example a Wedding video. Whilst unfinished projects, though are subject to change, they are with the full intention of being released and are in various stages of development currently. In contrast, the incomplete projects are films that are unlikely to be completed ever. Where appropriate, the projects also show where I have had a particular role other than Director/Writer.

I will update this list periodically in order to keep this list as up to date as possible and will mark the last update here. Last updated 29.12.2017.


Once Upon A Time (2007) College Project
4.itchy.tasty (2008) College Project
Jilian (Incomplete) (2008)
Untitled One Shot Study (2009) University Project
Untitled Buñuel Study (2010) University Project
Untitled Friend Study (2010) University Project
Pen Ballet (2011)
Ich Habe es Gefühlt (2011) University Project
][;hytfs (2011) University Project
War of Addition (2012)
Jump Cut Study (Incomplete) (2012)
Gesture Study (Incomplete) (2012)
Facial Expressions Study (Incomplete) (2012)
Automatic Dialogue: An Armadillo in Space (2012)
Dada Dialogue (2012)
Film Automatism: Or To Matte Ink Fuirima (2012)
Treachery of Images (2012)
-time (2012)
Spl It (2012) University Project
Eye Mitai (2012) University Project
Typography Study (Semi-Released) (2012)
Music Video Test Footage 1 (Semi-Released) (2012)
A Child’s Ambition (2013)
Music Video Test Footage 2 (Semi-Released) (2013)
Tactility (2013)
Bloodstock Festival – Live Bands, Devildriver and Hell (Cinematogrpahy) (2013)
Shortest Narrative: A Found Film (2013)
Brink Theory – Nowhere Girl (Cinematography) (2014)
The Heavenly Creatures – We Exist Now (2014)
A Coulthard Marriage (Semi-Released) (2014)
Music Video Test Footage 3 (Semi-Released) (2014)
Model Eros (2014)
Freeway Mad Music Video Projects (2015)
The Many Faces of Freeway Mad (Semi-Released) (2015)
Noizze TV (May-June 2015)
Tech-Fest Interviews (2015)
A Mansfield Marriage (Semi-Released) (2015)
Lonely Bounce – John Powell (Unreleased) (2015)
Estonia Presentations & Interviews (Uncredited) (2015)
Nicolette Street – You’re So Cruel (2015)
Wall of Lies (2016)
20 Cent Dreams Interview (2016)
How You Treat People is Your Karma; How they Treat People is theirs (Cinematography) (2016)
Bitchin Kitchin (Semi-Released) (2016)
Tech-Fest Interviews (2016)
HOG Kickstarter (Editor) (Not Releasing) (2016)
Anaal Nathrakh Interview (2016)
Ensiferum Interview (2016)
You’re Losing Me (2017)
Penrose Foxes – Four Faces (2017)
Penrose Foxes Promotional (2017)
Penrose Foxes – Interviews (2017) (Unreleased)
Thisisjustcocktails – Instructional Cocktail Videos (6 Episodes) (2017)
Spain Home Movie (Semi-Released) (2017)
Oni Interview (2017)
Twiggy Absinthe Showreel 2017 (2017)
The Enigma (2017)
My Ball (2017)
Illness (2017) (Semi-Released)
Beauty & the Beast – A Metal Edit (2018) (Semi-Released)
Cradle Study (2018)
Twiggy Absinthe Showreel 2018 (2018)
Red Sparrow Review (2018) (Semi-Released)

Unfinsihed Projects
Man Ray Tribute
Life of a Camera
Cubist Film
Silent Film Tribute
Last Fate
Above/Below Part 1 and 2
‘How I Ate My Father’
When the Bough Breaks/Will To Cure
Battle Royale – Mim’s Last Words