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Hello! Welcome toy my website, I thought I’d tell you about me! I am a passionate artist and I love film! I have worked in many different areas and wanted to share it all with you! Whilst below you can learn more about me, this site and what I’ve worked on. My art is for your interpretation and for you to love. I take big inspiration from Surrealism and I’m very much interested in the medium itself. I’ve drawn since I were young and I’ve since been involved in as much artistic expression as I can – art saves!


So please take a moment to look through my site, my gallery shows my sketches, photographs and film stills. My blog includes articles on film and art as well as reviews of exhibitions, theatre and films out in cinemas. Film is my biggest passion as “The Mediator between People and their Dreams must be the Cinema!” (with a nod to Metropolis (d. Fritz Lang Germany 1927)) So films is my port folioof films I’ve worked on including short films, music videos and corporate films/channels – and do please take a look at my showreel below. If you have any questions or anything you’d like to say and especially if you have a dream I could help you with, please contact me.


Showreel to be Updated Soon


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Virus Diaries Short Film Screenshot