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First question I get asked: why Twiggy?

Well this was something I was called as a kid and I feel it represents a childish, imaginatively lifelike quality in me – as I was always deep in my own worlds. [As a pagan this connected with the Tree of Life and an almost Surreal take on myself.] We are forever dreaming, the arts are important in this as they see, in many forms, our dreams realised. Be it a picture of ourselves, a representation of our songs or products or filming new worlds. I feel the cinema, in creating new worlds through sound and the moving image, can be the most complete way of connecting people to their dreams. There is nothing like being able to give someone their dream. Be this like the new worlds of Jurassic Park (d.Steven Spielberg USA 1993) or Amelié (d. Jean-Pierre Jeunet France/Germany 2001) or the more experimental dreams like Un Chien Andalou (d. Luis Buñuel France 1929), Lost Highway (d. David Lynch USA 1997), At Land (d. Maya Deren USA 1944) or El Topo (d. Alejandro Jodorowsky Mexico 1971). Please take a moment to look through my site, my gallery shows my sketches, photographs and film stills. My blog includes articles on film and art as well as reviews of exhibitions, theatre and films out in cinemas. Film is my biggest passion as “The Mediator between People and their Dreams must be the Cinema!” (with a nod to Metropolis (d. Fritz Lang Germany 1927)) So my port folio contains the films I’ve worked on including short films, music videos and corporate films/channels – and do please take a look at my showreel below. If you have any questions or anything you’d like to say and especially if you have a dream I could help you with, please contact me.



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