About Me: Notes on Use of this Website

First of all thank you for your interest in this website and my works and the works of those I represent and have collaborated with. We appreciate your support and it is because of you that everyone is able to improve the work that is so important to them and me. I wanted to give you a few notes on how I approach my website and hopefully answer any questions about how it is ran.

Top Menu Bar: Here you will find my logo as well as my name and brief description and motto. A list of three categories and three pages are here for quick navigation. I’ve also included a search option for quick reference.

Categories: Works are divided into categories above: Films, Blog and Gallery. Each refers to a different artistic medium: ‘Films’ are everything on film, video or animated; ‘Blog’ is for all written works; ‘Gallery’ is for any still image, photographic, painted or sketched.

Sub-Categories: All Categories are further defined by sub-categories which indicate different groups within the category.

‘Gallery’ has the groups: ‘Live Photography’ (for all events that are photographed), ‘Headshots’ (for all photographic portraits of a person’s head), ‘Nightclub Photography’ (for all photography done of public people for a club), ‘Screenshots + Production Stills’ (for all promotional work for a film that include stills from the film or pictures taken by cast or crew of the film in production), ‘Surrealism + Photography’ (for all pieces of photography that explore Surrealism), ‘Paintings’ (for all images that use paint in some way), ‘Pen and Ink’ (for all pen and ink sketches) and ‘Charcoal’ (for all charcoal sketches).

‘Blog’ has the groups: ‘Film Reviews’ (for reviews of any film seen in the Cinema), ‘Art Reviews’ (for reviews of Art events or exhibitions), ‘Theatre Reviews’ (for all live performances of theatre), ‘Essays’ (for writing on a particular subject, art, film or otherwise, looking to make an academic point), ‘Works for Noizze’ (for all works done for Noizze and originally published through www.noizze.co.uk – for more on Noizze see here) and ‘Archives’ (for groups of works for previous years and in some cases dedicated to that year as an overview).

‘Films’ has the groups: ‘Short Films’ (for film works that have a narrative but aren’t of feature film length), ‘Art/Experimental Films’ (for film works preoccupied with Art or pushing the medium and will often disregard a narrative), ‘Music Videos’ (for all works of film designed to compliment a song for an artist or band), ‘Promotional Films’ (for all films that are designed to aid a particular product or company), ‘Moving Portraits’ (for films designed to reflect a persons character through film) and ‘Interviews’ (for all works that document a person’s thoughts on certain subject matters – some will appear as written).

On Ownership: Unless clearly noted otherwise in brackets, my role in every work is of primary contributor. Whether this is Writer and Director for a film or the Artist behind a photograph or sketch. All works for Noizze are written by me (or in one occasion written by myself and Dave White) but were published first through Noizze as their intended publisher.

Top Three Pages: Home page is used to get to the default home page for my website which includes the most recent works selectable below the Top Menu Bar. The About Me section gives a brief bio and links to further notes on my website and works. (I do encourage you to look at my About Me section as it is designed to give a good impression of me and my website as well as to give extensive gratitude to you and everyone I’ve worked with or whose works I refer to.) The Contact section is where you can give me direct questions and specific requests (if you have a dream you’d like to get realised) and feedback.


Writing Style:

Links My writings style includes links to other key sites of information for key topics within the articles and is designed to be opened as a new tab if it’s not works within this website. These links aren’t underlined in order to not be distracting but can be seen easily if hovered over. I also aim for films and artists to include links to their IMDB and Wikipedia pages within their names. This is to give easy to refer to further information about them.

Introduction and Conclusion I also start my reviews with an introduction to introduce the work before giving further comments on these aspects of filmmaking (for film reviews). Essays are more complex in their approach. These reviews include a conclusion as well as a synopsis and then links to further reading before leaving a proper credit to the work referred to for the review.

Further Reading This section is designed to give a bit more detail on the articles subject matter. This section will include reviews by others and accounts of people’s works and essays on subject matter touched upon. This is designed for people who want to know more about the subject and should be understood as works from others with thanks to those who give good accounts of the subject matter.

References to others works A work (book, film or painting etc.) will be in italics with their ‘author’ in brackets with country and year or years (for film this will usually be the Director and uses IMDB for specifics). For reviews the work reviewed is credited in full at the bottom whilst for essays there is an appropriate section of works cited. Songs and episodes are included in apostrophes after the album and TV Show has been clearly defined.

Film Related Writing: Film reviews will include a ratings system of five starfishes for four categories: Entertainment, Performances, Predictability and Technical. These ratings indicate how entertaining, how good the performances were, how predictable the film was and how impressive were the films technical aspects.I dislike spoilers and so will detail spoilers if and when they occur and the synopsis is brief and only at the end for this purpose.  ‘On Reviews’ detailed here, further elaborates on writing style for Film Reviews

Essay Writing Style: Essays will take an impersonal and often formal approach as they are designed to give a lot more detail on the subject at hand. They will also include a bibliography, lists of works referred to, labelled images under Figure 1, 2 etc. and appropriate quotations where necessary.


Works for Noizze: These articles are usually summaries or copied from the Noizze website but they include links to the original URL of the piece included. They operate with full recognition to the founder of Noizze, Jac Holloway, as well as extensive thanks. The works couldn’t be possible without his work on Noizze as well as all other contributors to Noizze – I am glad to be a part of the team. Furthermore, these works frequently operate with a lot of work and time from bands and labels as well as event organisers. Where possible, the works will also show links to those who have worked with me and us at Noizze to make it happen.

Thanks: All works and everything within this site exists because of so many people and I want to thank everyone who reads, who has worked with me or who’s works I’ve read to make it all possible. Though my Thank You page elaborates on this it gives more specific gratitude to key contributors as important to the existence of these works but does not aim to misrepresent anyone as so many people have made this possible. Some in very specific ways as detailed in the Thank You page; but some it would be difficult to do so for so many others who have made my works possible.