About Me: Credits and Sincere Thanks

I would like to extend an extensive amount of gratitude to the following people. None of this site would be the same without any of them. This list is by no means extensive and thanks goes to everyone who’s worked with me or helped me with anything I’ve done. Each film makes thanks to those involved in the work, every photograph thanks those who could make it happen and every essay or review thanks the works it references and all the articles that has helped the research to make it happen. However I wanted to make special mention of all the below people, I thank you and I am indebted to you.

Katy Mawhood
Robert McGregor
John Marks
Aidan Hamilton
Lisa Purse
Chris Bacon
Faith Mansfield
Jon ‘Pikey’ Pike
James ‘Cookie’ Kirkwood
Pirate Monaghan
Raluca S. Photography
Alice Kennedy
Jeffrey Chagnon
The Heavenly Creatures
Freeway Mad
Penrose Foxes
David Nurse
Simon Bowers
Emily ‘Mily’ Upson
Aurora Collman
Josh Boden
Jac Halloway
Frank Preyser
Everyone at Noizze
Karen Cripps
Michelangelo Rodriguez
Gryphon Damella
Jody Shortland
Simon Batt

I’d also like to mention the significant impact that these sites have had for me in one way or another.

WordPress, Laughing Squid and 123Reg for Web Development.
Vimeo, Deviant Art, Tumblr and Star Now for representing art.
Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for social Media.
Zoho for emails.
Imdb and Wikipedia for basic research.
Senses of Cinema and Filmmaker IQ for research.
For more: here, is a list of this site’s recommended links.