Finding Your Feet (2017): ‘Heart-warmers and Tearjerkers’ – A Film Review



Beneath the string of CGI fuelled comic book movie franchises and the remakes and reboots and sequels of everything that is more easily marketable, there are original films. Finding Your Feet directed by Richard Loncraine and based upon a screenplay by Nick Moorcroft and Meg Leonard is an original Romance, Drama and Comedy. Richard Loncraine is a British Director who won awards for Richard III in 1995 and Nick Moorcroft rose to fame when his St Trinian’s was one of the top three most successful British Independent films of the decade in 2007. But I know very little about either of them. Finding Your Feet would have more to do with characters in their later years like Last Vegas and be a character focused British film with stars like Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie and Joanna Lumley.


Characters and Theme

The film takes a fresh look at these characters who take age with a pinch of salt and despite struggles such as family life, divorce and health; still give a lot of energy. Quickly and comedically the characters are given a realistic charm that is fun from the start and despite their flaws, they are broken down to a base level in order to be redefined, anew, for audiences. The central cast pull this off very well and give some heart-warming performances that quickly become tearjerkers before one could realise.



Cinematography keeps things mild and subtle, it keeps things with a sense of realism so that the performances can keep centre stage. Richard Loncraine’s direction feels right at home and his past work for the BBC seems to show here. British films have a tendency to focus on the complexity of characters and strive for a performance led piece and Finding Your Feet is no exception – so the cinematography is rightfully subtle. This is important for a film that centres around the loss one feels after a divorce partnered with a character rediscovering a passion for dancing. The metaphor is obvious but like the film heartwarming.



An easily missed, but sorry to miss, film. Boasting its screenplay, direction and star performances makes this film worth seeing. An unexpected film in its own right, both in how well it captures its audience and in its comedy and plot points – no twists or surprises but the story has you all the same.



After she discovers that her husband is cheating on her, Sandra (Imelda Staunton) moves in with her sister Bif (Celia Imrie) and has to adjust to a less classy life. Facing a divorce she begins to rediscover herself and her past passions including dancing, with the help of Bif, Jackie (Joanna Lumley) and Charlie (Timothy Spall).




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Films Mentioned


Finding Your Feet (d. Richard Loncraine UK 2017)

Last Vegas (d. Jon Turteltaub USA 2013)

Richard III (d.Richard Loncraine UK/USA 1995)

St Trinian’s (d. Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson UK 2007)



Further Reading

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Finding Your Feet (d. Richard Loncraine UK 2017)


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