Logan (d. James Mangold USA 2017)

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Wolverine is probably one of the most popular X-Men characters. In fact, he is the only one to have his own spin off films and origin films- (2009 and 2013). Yet, I’ve heard Logan (d. James Mangold USA 2017) will be the last Wolverine film – at least for Hugh Jackman, who has built a career on being Wolverine. We’ve seen Wolverine’s origins, explored his back story and seen him tackle other countries. How will this one go out with a blast and offer us something new? Sufficed to say his previous spin off films have met with mostly average reviews. In essence they’re entertaining but nothing huge. So how will Logan fare?


The way Logan is shot breaks no new ground and offers an old washed out look. Almost as if the film is lost and old. This is actually fitting to the films themes but it’s not a great look throughout. The story itself is pretty standard and fairly predictable. It unfolds as it does and we get dragged out distractions. It’s all just pretty average.


Logan boasts a great cast and two veterans of the X-Men series: Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. Their characters memorable and stunning – even if Hugh Jackman is starting to see times past as Wolverine. Newcomer to the line-up, Dafne Keen, actually makes a stunning appearance and shows her strength in action scenes that actually do far better than Hugh Jackman’s. Despite this we have some rather forgettable villains, all moments being just moments haphazardly put together and the protagonists doing the best they can to create intrigue from nothing.


All in all, I’m left thinking that Wolverine, the most popular character, will keep on living and giving us spin off films that just never can make it work. The character’s popularity is the only reason it exists but it exists lazily and with little success. Is it any wonder that these films have gone from spin off to origins to ‘on holiday’ to old final days? Logan has some excitement and some entertainment, but it’s an old film that will be lost in the sands of time.


In the future mutants are all but extinct and the X-men team aren’t doing well, lasting only with The Wolverine and Professor X. They come across a little girl and quickly given the responsibility to take her back to where she belongs.

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Logan (d. James Mangold USA 2017)

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