RAW Artists: London Exposure (2015) – Art Review

RAW Artists – London Exposure


So what is RAW? A means to support upcoming artists. The artistic community can be hard to get into and even harder to measure success. A completed work is a success but may be unbought or unseen, is it still a success? Can be a struggle, for many practicing Artists this can be fatal. An Artist has a vision and this is most important for although they might not reach their vision it is this search, this aspiration that makes them wonderful. We’re all Artists trying to help each other. Tough industry, and RAW artists is an organisation designed to help upcoming artists. Excellent! Bring it on! It’s amazing to see the young Art community and its support. So this is a new type of a review, more of a report, as many of the new artists are found and presented.


Important to note the exciting vibrancy being presented. I include some of the artists that are visual (below) but there was music, fashion, photography, film, painting, printing and everyone! Bringing together many art forms and allowing everyone to have the shared interest of Art. What does this make me think and feel? The venue had a good turnout of people and had such a nurturing environment. This was about support. RAW artists did a very good job of giving a wide selection and allowing Art to be what it shoud be and how it should be. About the Art itself. 


So what about the Art itself? Hard to compare or analyse. It was stunning to see the abundance of talent, the different questions raised and some with a real presence. I encourage everyone to take a look at the full page, included below, that will show the sheer diversity and will allow some personal connections to their work to be made. However, most pieces of work had so much power and impact at the exhibition. The unfortunate fact is that a computer screen cannot depict the colour and presence of the original, authentic article. RAW artists have given many talents a platform to present their work and will have many more events to come – giving us many more Artists. 


RAW Artists has had a lot of criticism too. All rooted in a debate that isn’t specific to RAW artists, what contribution should an artist make to the event beyond their works? I don’t want to delve into this debate though I recognise that its there. For me this was an event where like minded people met up, appreciated and displayed Art – and I wish there were more of these events.


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All Artists I have not included above please contact me, I have been unable to find a link to your personal work, thank you.

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