Sensational Butterflies by the Natural History Museum (2015) – A Brief Tribute/Review

This exhibit is a little different but none the less fabulous. Art is not just a picture, it is not just a painting or a film. It is all around is in life, it adds meaning and allows us to appreciate things not normally found. The life cycle of the butterfly is a beautiful testament to this. Very much like the Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale – The Ugly Duckling, these butterflies show us in life that something so aesthetically pleasing can come from the most unlikely of places. For many of us, this can help us appreciate life a bit more. It can help us to appreciate ourselves a little more when we are feeling ugly, particularly as we ourselves grow older. These butterflies are like none we would normally see and some certainly just not as much. Presented just as themselves these butterflies are unafraid to land on you float around you and exist with you for a moment. These beautiful beings are delicate, however, so if you go please be careful.


Sensational Butterflies runs until September 13th at the Natural History Museum in London.



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