Works for Noizze Overview

Works for Noizze - An Overview of My Contributions to the Webzine

At Noizze we are dedicated to the promotion and exposure of the best of the UK’s Underground, Unsigned and Unheard music scene with a sprinkle in the best of rock and metal thrown in. For more about Noizze please look here. Amongst my duties as Metal Editor and Lead Photographer for Noizze I also write reviews. All of the works personally written by me are archived in posts within Works for Noizze. They were all first published on the Noizze website: Older articles have been migrated and archived on this site.

My time at Noizze has been truly valued and I have enjoyed working together with everyone at Noizze to develop it into what it is today. I have continued the growth of the site to see more writers and more regular posts on a range of bands, sought out interviews and attended numerous shows and festivals. Whilst I have spearheaded much video content for Noizze that simply wouldn’t have been possible without me I have been passionate at bringing high quality photography to the site. Please see my photos for more.

Highted Works

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