Casa Batllo: Antoni Gaudí (2017) – Architecture Review

Barcelona is a colourful city. Walking down the spacious roads your eyes are adorned with different coloured buildings. Quickly I was getting used to these different shades of reds, yellows and blues but the almost sudden appearance of Casa Batllo threw this all aside. Now buildings fade and there were some grey stone colours amongst the rest but certainly Casa Batllo has it’s way of standing out. Antoni Gaudí was the architect behind the building commissioned by the Batllo family in 1904 to have free creative license with their otherwise forgettable building and it shows.

This building is one of the few to show a real sense of imagination with the decor. Most architecture will be heavily subject to the time and environment and consider mostly practical or religious influences. (These are huge generalisations and I recognise that Architecture isn’t my best field) Casa Batllo is an example of nature and literature inspiring art. The complex building showing many marine like designs and recalling different textures of tiles and plates. The colours certainly allow the building to be very vibrant and the flow of the stairs, walls and overall appearance allows for an almost organic feel – it is like another world. If it weren’t for the amount of people they could be fantastic sets.

Casa Batllo is really a see to believe attraction and forms as a landmark of Barcelona, however it’s a victim of it’s success. Tickets fund the preservation of the building but too many people takes from the atmosphere making it crowded. It’s one of the more imaginative buildings out there and yet it’s limited in realisation. We’re handed headsets to talk through the history and creation of the building but through emotive language and a limited interpretation they undermine what it could be.

I feel my pictures tell a better story of the size, majesty and colour of the building that makes a true marvel amongst men. But standing amongst men and not giants it can only stand so high. It really is a good tourist attraction – even has a photo booth and love wall you can take your own photos in front of. Casa Batllo hints at what could be and they’re good hints.

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