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The Dark Knight Trilogy – A Report on Film Marathons




Ok, so this isn’t a review. This is a lot more like a discussion. The Dark Knight trilogy consists of Batman Begins (d. Christopher Nolan USA/UK 2005), The Dark Knight (d. Nolan USA/UK 2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (d. Nolan USA/UK 2012) and so is nothing new. Christopher Nolan gave Batman a brand new look – so to speak. He made Batman to be more gritty and real. Immediately his conception was comparable to Tim Burton‘s Batman series, which is Batman (d. Burton USA/UK 1989), Batman Returns (d. Burton USA/UK 1992), Batman Forever (d. Joel Schumacher USA/UK 1995) and Batman & Robin (d. Schumacher USA/UK 1997). These films are remembered as being far too camp. However, it is important to note the history of these films. Batman Forever saw a new director in the directors chair and reportedly Tim Burton didn’t wish to make Batman Returns anyway. It is with this in mind and the younger target audience that these films were aiming for that gave the film series an increasingly more ‘camp‘ feel. These films were entertaining and many who have seen the The Dark Knight trilogy will often remember Tim Burton’s Batman for Batman & Robin a film that he wasn’t all that involved with.


However, Christopher Nolan set off to give a more realistic and gritty Batman and Batman Begins was such a strong film meeting with a lot of success both with fans and critics. This was a completely new Batman very different to the Batman in Batman & Robin and it was exactly what modern day audiences were looking for. After Batman Begins had so much success Christopher Nolan returned with a more familiar villain in The Dark Knight. Unfortunately Heath Ledger, the actor for The Joker, died after filming was complete. This meant that a lot more people were looking at The Dark Knight for Heath Ledger. The film was a big success and I want to stress that there were many things the film does well as well as Heath Ledger’s strong performance. Christopher Nolan never planned on a trilogy. So when The Dark Knight Rises hit cinemas. It was no surprise that a more definite finish was put to the series. The Dark Knight Rises finished the series nicely and was met with success.


The Prince Charles Cinema is showing the wonderful trilogy back to back in a film marathon. This gives many the chance to see these films for the first time or once again in the cinema. The cinema experience is thus enhanced by the activity of almost a cult following. Those dedicated to seeing all three films. One of the tests a spectator would go through, bearing its length and it is a test. Is it possible to stay up all night to these films. I myself was not quite sure how to approach the night – think next time more tea! It’s a testament to your dedication if you can stay awake for the full running time – approximately 417 minutes. However, seeing all the films together really does sum up their themes and puts in perspective the ongoing narrative. Batman’s aims in Batman Begins that were undercut by the events he was tested with in The Dark Knight and how these affected him and lead to his eventual downfall and final test in The Dark Knight Rises.


With all things considered this marathon makes a lot of sense and appeals to those who are dedicated for the films making a fan celebration of the films success. The crowd cheered after each film, the films are more of an event once again. This is one of the marvels of cinema. Successful films being celebrated and this is one of the reasons of being a cinephile in the first place. With everything that is currently being released it is somehow rare nowadays to see films in such an eventful ways once again. The Prince Charles Cinema makes quite a few events and I personally look forward to another such event like this, such as the ‘Arnie’ all nighter and an Indiana Jones Trilogy. As I said it’s what makes a cinephile and is the stuff of dreams.


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